3D Audio Post Mixing

For your multimedia, audiobook or music project, I offer post mixing of mono, stereo or binaural tracks or stems including editing and positioning of music, dialogue, SFX, foley and atmos sounds anywhere within a full 360° three-dimensional sphere. The final mastering process is integrated to optimize sound clarity, warmth, noise reduction, dynamic and loudness.
Delivery of binaural 3D audio files to listen via headphones as well as multichannel formats for interactive virtual reality productions and digital master for streaming, online distribution, audiobooks, websites, multimedia and premaster DDP for compact disc duplication.

Binaural 3D Audio simulates the human spatial hearing via every kind of stereo headphones (no special models are required). When listening to stereo audio with headphones, the perception of all sources of sounds is located inside of the head between the left and right ear. With binaural 3D Audio the sound appears outside of the head and can be anywhere within a full 360° three-dimensional sphere. Voices, instruments and sounds can be positioned around the listener - in front of, behind, right, left and even below or above and everywhere in between.

Binaural 3D audio sounds amazing in audiobook, radio play, shortfilm or documentary video productions and can enrich the listening experience of dialogues, atmos, foley, sound effects and music. But also music productions of artists and bands that are mixed as binaural 3D audio can sound interesting as an alternative to stereo mixing. There are also more immersive multichannel audio formats such as Ambisonics that are used for audiovisual presentations, sound installations and AR/VR projects.

My audio editing, post mixing and mastering services includes level and fades adjustments, panning and positioning, cuts, restoration and noise reduction, equalizer sound editing, reverb, delay and various audio effects, stereo imaging, spectral shaping, dynamic compression, vintage sound coloring and saturation as well as peak limiting, maximizing and dithering of mono, stereo, multichannel or binaural 3D audio tracks, stems und mixes. Delivery of various digital audio formats (WAV, AIFF, MP3, AAC, FLAC, OGG) and premastering (DDP) of audiobooks or music albums for Compact Disc duplication.

Sound Design

For your audiobook, shortfilm or documentary video productions, game, audiovisual presentation or AR/VR project, I can create individual mono, stereo and immersive audio music and sound elements of different genre such as Fusion World Music, Jazzy Soul Vibes, Moody Soundscapes, Electronic Music, Virtual Ambience Audio Scenes and Sound Effects.

Prices for individual projects on request

bassyjam is the current project studio of musician and sounddesigner JENS HELMSTEDT, who is active as bass player and music producer since 1980. He founded 1993 his own studio in Germany specialized on digital audio post production and premastering, worked for many artists, record labels, agencies and media. Beside editing of music tracks and albums, radio drama and audiobooks, he realized also web and multimedia concepts for various clients. Actually working mostly on immersive 3D audio post mixing and sound design projects.

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