Fusion House World Music
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Travel inspired music released in December 2018 with musical influences from Middle East, India and Asia as well as elements from Jazz / Fusion Music. Now available on several streaming services and in download shops.
Traditional percussive and melodic oriental instruments meets pianos, strings, synths, basses and drums. Instruments: Sitar, Tampura, Oud, Saz, Tanbur, Charango, Kanun, Duduk, Bansuri, Ney, Tenor Sax, Trombone, Kemence, Cello, Violin, Harmonium, Rhodes E-Piano, Upright Piano, Digital and Analog Synthesizers, Electric Fretless Bass, Upright Bass, Bells, Tibetan Bowls, Tabla, Ghatam, Darbuka, Khol, Dholak, Bendir, Zil, Tombak, Doumbek, Pakhavaj, Daire and Vintage Drum Kits.
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Hippie Trail

Stereo Track
Next Destination

Stereo Track
Between Day & Night

Stereo Track

Stereo Track
Special Mood

3D Audio Track
Electro Walk

3D Audio Track
Spirit of Nature

3D Audio Track
Fantasy Train Ride

3D Audio Track
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