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Spirit of Nature

Music and sounds produced as immersive binaural 3D Audio. Listening with headphones is recommended. Download for personal use available on Bandcamp.
"Spirit of Natureā€œ is a music track representing imaginary audio scenes of a natural environment with wild life animals and close to nature life of native people in Northern America. For the ambience sounds I used some recordings from my archive and field recordings of wild animals such as various small and big birds, wolf, red fox, coyote, grizzly bear, elk and bison as well as geysers, thermal springs and lake ambience sounds from Yellowstone National Park. This audio files were recorded in the park and are in the public domain. Credits: Yellowstone National Park Service. The music track is based on tribal rhythms, but is not an attempt to reproduce or document original regional music of Native Americans. Instead, it is fusion music played with various traditional world music instruments as well as modern synthesizer sounds. Music track produced as binaural 3D Audio. Listen via standard stereo headphones.
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