BINAURAL VIBES - Immersive 3D Audio music tracks inspired by travels, stories and emotions ...

Hippie Trail
Between Day & Night
The Story Continues
Wind tells a story
Orchid Garden
African Mist
Special Mood
Looking For You
Urban Station
Fantasy Train Ride
Spirit of Nature
Stalactite Cave
Imposing Gate
Time goes by
Vintage Motors
Steam Locomotive
Industrial Age


Binaural 3D Audio - Music Album 2019
This music album includes 26 tracks with influences of sounds from Minor and Central Asia, Middle East, Persia, India as well as some African and Western music elements from Jazz-Fusion. Recorded with several traditional and modern instruments such as Oud, Santur, Saz, Cello, Violins, Reed Flutes, Sitar, Tanpura, Tumbi, Bells and Gongs, Acoustic Drum Sets and Oriental Percussion, Electric Fretless Bass, Harmonium, Organ, Electric Piano as well as Analog and Digital Synthesizers ...

Music produced as immersive binaural 3D audio to listen on every kind of headphones and is largely stereo speaker and soundbar systems playback compatible. All tracks are downloadable as CD-Quality WAV and MP3 audio as ZIP files immediately after purchase via Payhip or Bandcamp

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