Finding the Balance ~ The Red Bird and Me

“Finding the Balance ~ The Red Bird and Me” - I’m on the high wire stretched out over the Grand Canyon. Walking the wire very young, never felt any fear. Mother was always in my ear saying: “Feel your balance, light as a feather, don’t look down!”

She broke her back by a fall and was an invalid. Her biggest comfort was a family of Cardinals that nested beneath her window year after year. She always said: “In my next life I’ll be coming back as a red bird!”

Suddenly a raw fear grips me as in a vice. I’m completely frozen, can’t move forwards can’t go backwards. This is it! I’m done! It wont be so bad, they say you die before you hit the ground. I hear a voice: “Don’t look down! Don’t look down!“ … I look up ~

Oil on Canvas Painting by LaVada June | Music by Bassy Jam

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