Camel Ride | EP

EP Camel Ride

EP “Camel Ride” by Bassy Jam is available on iTunes and includes the following music tracks: Farewell (7:03), Camel Ride (3:31), Blue Dragonfly (3:39), Longing (4:28), Bosphorus (5:31), The Last Bald Ibis (5:09).

Music with elements from Oriental World Music as well as Indie, Fusion Jazz and Soul. By use of instruments such as oriental Saz and Oud, Zither, Flutes, Zurna, Violins, percussion like Darbouka, Riqq, Cymbals and Drums together with Voices, Electric Pianos, Accordion, Organs, Synthesizers, Guitars and Fretless Bass, the music is a connection of eastern and western cultural influences.


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This tracks are also part of the Album “Caravan Routes”