Audio Editing


20+ years experiences in professional audio editing, postproduction and mastering for many music artists, record labels and media agencies on music albums, audio for movies and documentaries, educational and entertainment multimedia projects, radio drama and podcasts, theatre shows and slide show presentations.

My services includes digital audio mix, cuts, fades and noise reduction as well as improving the sound quality of your audio material (music, ambient sounds, spoken words) about clarity, warmth, dynamic and loudness.

Delivery of optimized audio formats for online streaming services, music distribution, podcasts and audio books, movies, websites, apps and audiovisual presentations.

Audio Editing Services
  • Audio Mixing and Editing
  • Declick and Noise Reduction
  • Equalizer Sound Editing
  • Dynamic Compression
  • Enhancing, Stereo Imaging
  • Peak Limiting, Maximizing
  • Dithering, Format Conversion

Audio Editing 
Hourly Rate: 29$ 

Audio Editing / Mastering 
per Audio Track (max. 10 min): 39$ 

Audio Mixing / Editing / Mastering 
per Audio Track (max. 10 min): 99$ 

How to Purchase Online

To hire me or to get a individual price offer for your special project, please send a message.

Also you can purchase my audio editing services online. Please select the service you need and the number of tracks, then click on “Add to Cart”. To check out, please provide a email address, name and address for the invoice. You can leave also a note with additional information. Checkout and pay via PayPal or Credit Card.

File Exchange

Please provide us a link in the notes during the purchase process or you can send it later via e-mail to , where to download your original digital audio file(s). We recommend a file exchange (audio upload / download) via free services (e.g. GoogleDrive, Dropbox ..). 

Audio Formats

For Mixing and Mastering your audio files should be WAV or AIFF Stereo (Quality: 16 or better 24 Bit, 44,1 kHz or higher). For Mastering best to send us an stereo audio mix without dynamic limiting in the mixbus. Please tell us in which format and resolution you will need the final master version and if you have special wishes about the sound or other requirements for your production.

Delivery: Providing Downloads of Digital Audio Files (WAV, AIFF (16/24 Bit, 44,1/48/96 kHz), AAC, M4A, MP3 (128/160/320 kbps).


Orders for audio editing of one track will be processed after receiving likely within 7 days (info provided without guarantee). Mixing and Mastering of several audio files can need some days longer. 


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